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September 17, 2011
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~One last dream~

>piecre trough the sky, memoirs and remembrance<


oh, man.....
my head hurts.....
and this flinching breeze shivers my spine....
yet i feel fine....
as if i achieved something.....
like im the king of the world.....


"hey! HEY! wake up!"
        uh......  uh....... huh?
"hey! i know your awake! What kind of trick are you pulling! WAKE UP!"

And suddenly, nails, nails everywhere!
i think i had about 2-5 needles in diffrent parts of my body before my brain told me to move.....

"h-hey!" what all this about?" reynald hustles as he gets on his toes, half shaken and awake, while scraping of all those needles that cringed on to his coat. "I'll tell ya what happened!" pierce grumbles "look at me!.... well actually look at you too!"

reynald who was still in a daze and trying memorize what happened, looked around and in awe.....
"WHAT THE! WHAT HAPPENED TO MY OUTFIT.... WHAT HAPPENED TO ME!" both of their outfits color where interchanged. And their faces full of marker doodles, it almost looked like they both just cam out of a freak show.

"meh, im trying to figure out that too actually." said pierce with a face as bewildered face. "i thought it was you... but seeing that your in the same predicament as me. it can't be you...." then pierce picked up his gun and started walking around a close perimeter.

"okay....." reynald said as he scratched his head. an eerie silence occurred after that. both parties were in confusion as to whatever in hell's name was going on. of course, until one of them decided to break the ice....      "damn.... whats goin on, my heads coming with a blank? how did i even get here? all i remember was chasing a bird and...." reynald said as he was trying to recollect his thoughts, walking about in the plain and occasionally stomping on the ground and making sounds of confusion.

"what? you really don't remember? BUT you tried to kill me?!?" pierce said with a loud nag. "i broke that fake gem of yours and you started going into this drunken frenzy! I thought you were going to kill me!" pierce trying to keep it stable, with a very pissed face.

but then... it all came back for reynald, well not all of his memory. but the parts about his gem breaking. another silence filled the plains again. for about a minute or more. but this time a cold wind passes through the field. and Reynald, he looked like a man who just lost everything.

"um.... hey dude! a-are you oka-" pierce would have finished his sentence, but reynald just made a slippery tackle without any warning. "You broke my jade!.... MY PRECIOUS MEMENTO!!" Reynald said as he was about to wind up a punch. "that was my only.... the only.... thing left to remind me...... gramps..."

Pierce was undoubtedly In fear that he could have gotten another one-two from Reyanld for sure. But more of, he was actually more surprised he didn't. Reyanld just stood up from where they were both at and bobbed over to the side of the lake. Piecre was both in confusion and shock.
"uh hey… are you still drunk?" said pierce who is still in confusion. Sitting in the area where he was tackled. "…." "………." "……………….." "that gem…. That was my only reminder left to my grandfather! I knew it was a stupid Idea to leave it out in the open. And now I payed A FREAKIN BIG PRICE FOR IT! IM SO STUPID!" Reynald screams. His eyes spewing a waterfall of tears. And his hands pounding the ground of grass.  Pierce was silent, watching a grown man cry. It almost gave him a glimpse of his also sad past.

Pierce decided to go and talk to reynald, seeing as is that reynald was almost curling like a baby in one corner was too much, even for pierce "um hey…. Dude…. I know how you feel" pierce tries to comfort as he places his hand on reynalds left shoulder. But as to his surprise. Reynald goes shrugs it off and starts making a racket. A racket even the judges and contestants at the other sides of mountain could hear. "HOW CAN YOU SAY THAT! You don't even know how what this feel like! Gramps…. This was gra-" but before reynald could finish his sentence, a painful left hook with the force of a grand bull hit him in the face.
"you… you are one… big … IDIOT!" Pierce said as he gives reynald another punch. "YOUR NOT THE ONLY ONE WITH PROBLEMS LIKE THAT! I also had my own problems too….."
All of a sudden, pierce kneeled down to reynalds level. Reynald's face was puzzled and as he looked at pierce's face that looked like it was about to sob. And yet another silence filled the plains. But this time its was a silence with refreshing breeze. It went on for about 10 or more minutes. Both sides had nothing to say.    Until…

"hey! What the! Why are YOU laughing" pierce growled over at reynald who suddenly bursted out laughing as if the recent incident never happen and he just heard this really cheesy joke. "ahahah….. irony really is the funniest when it hits you from behind…."
Now pierce was just getting pissed off to a high extent. From the fact that he just fell to his knees. He fell that he was being mocked on by a drunkard who can't even tell the difference between a sad moment and a jolly one. He was just about to go onto a frenzy just as reynald did earlier. But before he could. Reynald all of a sudden reached both of his hands and held pierce's shoulders with a tight grasp
"don't worry about it little dude!" reynald said which also pissed pierce even more cause they were practically the same height. "I know that your pissed off because of whatever incident that happened to your family and such, but that doesn't mean that-"

"WHAAAAT!?!?"  pierce yelled as tries to struggle out of reynalds tight hold on him. "what the hell are you talking about! I didn't even-" but before he could even finish his sentence. "NONSENSE! Don't deny it! Its okay though, I've already forgave and forgot what happened. But next time you might wanna-"
Pierce, losing all his temper on reynald, pushed him with all his might.  He fell to the ground a few meters away and probably ate some dirt along the way with it. "THIS IS POINTLESS! That's it! Im outta he-" again before Pierce could finish his rant. Reynald makes a quick comeback "hey hey hey! fine! You're my opponent right! Lets finish what we started earlier!" reynald said as he standed up on the ground as if he didn't get pushed, and pranced around in his drunken fist stance, ready to fight!
……"wut" pierce bobbed his head with a really angst face. "You don't know?"
"know what?" reynald murmured "all I know is we're gonna finish that match we had in those mountains!" he said as he started shadow boxing.
But then, pierce pointed at his chest.
"You already defeated me reynald. 30 minutes ago, during the fall to be exact." Pierce said as he facepalmed himself in annoyance.
"eh, I did? Well this is unexpected…." Reynald quietly said to pierce.
"what kind of person is this guy? So dubious and unaware of everything! Yet can be such an eerie sight when angered?" pierce thought to himself.

Now both of them were completely mind broken now. What the hell is going on? Who is this guy? And why are my clothes different? That's all they could think. but in a quick turn of events. A swarm of black with white patterned butterflies flew through the area.  Both of them suddenly turned their attention onto the butterflies. It almost looked like the butterflies were making joyous dances of celebration. One latched onto both reynald and pierce. And the rest started fluttering away again. To the distant forest.
"hey gramps! I guess I did it!" reynald said to the butterfly. "kinda funny huh? Man this is embarrassing!" he said while gently patting the butterfly. Pierce was now even more confused. "hey…. what the hell are you talking about? Why are you talking to a butterfly? And why is it that you're calling him grandpa?...."

"Huh? You don't know?" reynald said as the butterfly flew around his body. "well I guess you won't really know. Since it's a tradition from  filinsyia*. But anyways, it's a tradition that when the people die. Their souls can come to the human world as butterflies!" reynald explained to pierce with a smile on his face.

"Huh?... What? I don't get you…. you're really crazy you know?" said pierce who is getting more confused by the minute while giving reynald an awfull shrug gesture and leery eye.  But reynald digressed. he gave pierce a sad look and said "hey, its up to you to believe in what you want. But all I know is that this here butterfly and the one flying around your shoulder is a soul of a person who passed away!" reynald pointed his finger over to pierce's shoulder. And a butterfly was resting  over it.

Pierce was silenced. He was about to shove the butterfly. But he couldn't do it, as he was staring at the butterfly he had this warm feeling. A feeling that almost felt like a brothers hug.  Pierce was shocked. He couldn't move, his body just wanted to grab the butterfly and give it a big hug, but he couldn't all he could do was stare. He gave the butterfly a gentle poke and it started fluttering around him. And all that time pierce had this eyes glued to the butterfly with a look of love and awe.

Suddenly he began to shed tears. "bro… that can't be you.. is it?" Pierce murmured gently to the butterfly. And the butterfly landed on his chest. And alas the feeling Pierce had completely froze him.  It really did feel a brothers hug. Tears started going trough Pierces eyes as he touched the butterfly with both of his hands. And at that time he swore he heard words going through his mind.

Words of comfort, congratulation and love.
And even though Pierce couldn't hear a thing and he couldn't make anything out of it. Pierce completely understood it. A few  more seconds later, the butterflies on reynald and Pierce started flying away. And the only thing Both pierce and reynald could say was "goodbye"

Easier said than done it was. Both men started sobbing.  imagine two grown men crying in the middle of a plain. Not such sight you see everyday.

But then one decided to break the ice. "hey little dude!, its over now right? I mean. You've lost so that means I win right?" reynald said as he wipes off the tears from his face "come on' we're embarrassing ourselves out here with our cryin! lets head on over back to the bar! And maybe we could clean ourselves up over a drink of beer huh? Don't worry! My treat!" reynald said as he tugs pierce along on the shoulder like a child.

Pierce was still watching the butterflies go away while this was happening. But not even pierce can concentrate when reynald finally gave him a one-two-three shove. "HEYA! Come on! You still mad at me! I already said I forgave you! Besides, I bet we can find whoever did this to us and we can beat the hell outt him! I got someone in mind already."

At the same moment. Akuma gave out a sneeze.

Pierce finally glanced over to reynald. Still pissed off over his arrogant attitude. But even with that. He was still grateful in a way to reynald. Without him. I guess you can say that encounter never happned. "… uh, sure. I guess…. " Pierce quietly said to reynald who had a smile as if nothing even happened.

"ALRIGHTY THEN no harm done now right! come on lets get goin! Maybe we could even get a nice tasty che-" but before reynald could finish his merry sentence. Pierce interrupts. "hey! are you forgetting the fact that I broke your gem! Your grandfathers precious memento to you? And yet your still goin to treat me as if we were friends for along time?" Pierce said to reynald in a loud but gentle maneer.

And for a second, reynald froze. Walked away from pierce a little and turned around.  Pierce eerily thought that reynalds anger for him came back, thinking of the worst, Pierce went into a defensive stance. but he couldn't' feel a bad aura. Reynald finally turned and said. "hey don't worry about that! Whats done is done! Besides, it's a memento on how stupid I was anyway leaving this out in the open…. But enough about that! Come on hurry up before I change my mind pal!" Reynald said without any anger or hate.

"…. Fine… I don't think it'l do any good if I say no would it" Pierce said. Intresting enough this time both sides felt like they came into nice agreement. Both of them smiled at each other and seemingly forgetting about the previous heart breaking events. and as sun stated setting and the animals stated going to their nests. Reynald and pierce head back to the portal in their weird….. freakshow-like… looks….

"oh yeah reynald! Just one question"

"hmm? What is it?"

"a while back you were jumped of the cliff and you looked like you were catching a bird-"

"oh that! wel… to tell you the truth…. I was being chased by sheep!"


"yeah, and apparently I bumped a giant bird while I was running…."


"and it stole my other gem an liquor…."


"oh yeah did I also mention I was being attacked by evil flowers too?"

"okay now your just making things up!"

-Dream, 2, Pierce through the sky, Memoirs and remembrance-
To be continued?


this is just a.... quick epilogue showing the awfull cliffhanger i did earlier.

and just for the kicks. i am ONE HORRIBLE writer :iconverysadplz:
one glance on this is already a big proof... oh well
anyways that took me a real while. note to self, never make fun of writers ever again D:

i bet this was confusing. but TL;DR

reynald wakes up
ranting pierce
ranting reynald
angry pierce
some odd backstories about their loved ones
happy reynald
confused peirce
butterflies come in
reynald explains butterflies
pierce goes emotional
reynald says forgot bout this shiz :3
pierce agrees
everybody leaves
happy ending :D

...and yeah that it

gonna change the pic up there to something diffrent later. but in the meanwhile enjoy reynalds cute face X3

anyways characters belong to as follows:
Pierce: :iconxunlucky-13:
akuma: :iconplienuh:
:iconone-last-dream-oct: related
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xUnlucky-13 Sep 18, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
L421..... Y U GO WRITE GOOD STORIES?!?! :icony-u-noplz:

but no seriously, on top of your whole round and everything it was fantastic!
the story was so sweet (and it doesn't matter about the few typos and mistakes here)
and they part with Reynalds and Pierce getting upset really made me feel bad for the two ;u;
so much emotion and sentimental feeling exchanged here, I love it.

I have an entirely different perspective on Reynald, he is such a great character :)
best of luck to you!
L421 Sep 19, 2011  Student Digital Artist
:iconimsorryplz: im sowwy! its my first tiiime D:

but thanks! really glad you liked my work! X3 though i don't really know how to write, i feel much better now X3

hey c'mon now pierce is awesome too y'know :D
and good luck to you too XD

MousieDoodles Sep 17, 2011  Student General Artist
Very nice. X3 It got really deep for a moment there and I thought I might cry soon. ;A; But I didn't. I'm okay. It was a nice ending to a nice round. ^^ Good job, man.
L421 Sep 19, 2011  Student Digital Artist
XD i didnt expect it to be that deep :o i was expecting it to be more funnier in a way DX

but anywyas thanks :D
Nice round! The ending was quite funny, but fitting considering the characters XD Falling down a mountain... Well, at least they can cross that off their "30 things to do before I die" list =P

Writing is hard, and you're writing in a different language right? So don't be too hard on yourself! Good luck =)
L421 Sep 19, 2011  Student Digital Artist
falling down the mountain sounds a bit ironic for both of them XD thinking on how to finish that was quite hard actually :/ but in the end i just went along with what popped in my mind DX

anyways thanks :3
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